Triggr Health

I joined Triggr Health in October 2016. Triggr was building an app that would help people who were in addiction recovery programs communicate with their clinicians better and help the clinicians work with their patient better. The mission and founders immediately spoke to me and I eagerly joined.

I was the first engineering hire. Shortly after I arrived, we had a major downtime with our HIPAA database provider, which lasted many days. We quickly started migrating the entire infrastructure to a new system run by NodeJS and MongoDB to avoid the issue in the future. We completed the rewrite in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is definitely the hardest I've ever worked on a project. But the product was helping so many vulnerable people, so we were all driven to make sure they could get the support they needed. The migration went smoothly and we began building new features.

Over the years I built multiple features and became the owner of the iOS app, which I had no experience in. I picked it up quickly and enjoyed learning a new technology. Eventually, we started integrating React Native into the app so we could share important features between the Android and iOS apps. This sped up our development considerably.

The first major feature I took lead on was our community feature. This would let our users help each other, both with addiction and with day to day issues. It was an expansive feature with a tight deadline. We wound up launching in a few weeks, and immediately got great feedback.

Another major project I led was rewriting the iOS and Android apps in React Native. About half the app was already React Native, and with the community feature, we had run into a lot of walls integrating native and React Native code. We took the plunge, and in the space of a month and a half, rewrote the app mostly from scratch (minus integrating the features that were already written in React Native).

I learned a ton at Triggr, especially around project management and feature delivery. We did a lot of A/B testing and feature validation to ensure we were building the features our users wanted. Now I use the same methodologies when working with clients to ensure. It was also incredible to be working with a team that was so devoted to their work and passionate about the problem we were trying to solve.

If you have a project you'd like to build that can similarly impact people's lives, please contact me. I'd love to hear about it.