Dive Into Python Mirror

Recently, DiveIntoPython.org was taken down. It is was a site/book written by Mark Pilgrim to help you learn Python. It is how I taught myself Python, and still a very valuable resource that I go back to time and time again. Unfortunately, Mark has taken down all of his sites on the Internet, with no notice/explanation. Luckily, he has provided all of his sites under open licenses, allowing and encouraging people to mirror them. I bought DiveIntoPython.net, and found an old copy of his site, and put it up. Unfortunately, it is not complete: it is still missing some of the downloads and some of the translations. If you have copies of the files or the translations, please shoot me an email.

Likewise, I have also mirrored DiveIntoPython3 at DiveIntoPython3.net and DiveIntoHTML5 at DiveIntoHTML5.net.